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Veterinary Clinic


San Jorge Veterinary Clinic was created on the 15th of June of 1997.

Initially, with a great effort of the owner, a project based on kind treatment of the pets and the one-to-one relationship with the client grew up gradually, solving the master’s concerns in a clear and understandable manner. Not forgetting our initial commitment, little by little we increased the number of our veterinarians and assistant personnel to reach our current staff members. To date, we use the latest techniques and diagnostic and treatment materials, in a pleasant and comfortable environment to achieve the best care for our pets and to offer what, in the end, we all want for them

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Fernando del Rio

Fernando Ribas del Río is the founding veterinary surgeon of the San Jorge Veterinary Clinic. Graduated in veterinary medicine from the Zaragoza Veterinary Faculty in 1992. He spent time there specialising in the field of surgery and continued to broaden his training with stays in other clinics. In 1997, he founded the San Jorge Veterinary Clinic and since then he has continued his training in different fields of internal medicine and surgery, specialising in traumatology, orthopaedics, neurology and soft tissue surgery, performing the most complex interventions in these fields.

Always attentive to new technologies, he was committed to diagnostic imaging, implementing digital radiology systems, digital ultrasound and digital rigid and flexible endoscopy, magnetic resonance imaging and finally a surgical microscope to improve all the services provided at the clinic. Member of AVEPA, GEVO, GEMFE, GGA and with a long history of courses, he has always shown an interest in learning and improving in all facets of the profession.

Irene Guasch

Irene is a veterinary assistant and combines her work between caring for boarders and assisting veterinarians in the treatment of patients.

Javier Lecumberry

Javier is a veterinary surgeon, he studied at the Cardenal Herrera Veterinary School in Valencia and did complementary internships in different departments of the faculty. He currently works in our clinic as a general veterinary surgeon and cares for emergency animals.

Alena Bartoskova

Alena is a veterinary assistant and operating theatre assistant, trained in ATV at different study centres and has worked in several small animal clinics. She performs her work as an operating room assistant and helps the interns.

Abril Ortuño

Abril is a receptionist at our veterinary clinic. She takes care of the reception of patients, organisation of the waiting rooms and helps with any questions that the owners may have.

Irene Luis

Irene is an ATV, she trained in centres specialised in veterinary studies. She combines her work between caring for interns, working in consultations and carrying out tests.

Paula Fernández

Paula is an ATV and has been with us since 2017. Among her daily tasks at the clinic are those of caring for hospitalised patients, helping in the operating room, and conducting medical and analytical tests. She also makes home visits to provide medication if needed.

Alexandra Marcella

Alexandra is a veterinary surgeon and has studied at the University of Milan. Since 2019, she has been working at the clinic as a general veterinary surgeon specialising in cardiology and surgeries. In addition, she is a specialist in equines.

Sara Luchoro

Sara is a veterinary surgeon graduated from the University of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria. She currently works in our clinic as a general veterinary surgeon and cares for emergency animals.

Coral Sanz

Since 2017, Coral has been sitting behind the counter at the clinic performing administration functions such as ordering, invoicing, appointment management and customer service.

Marta Bellido

Marta is a veterinary surgeon, she studied at the León Veterinary School and completed a postgraduate degree in feline medicine as well as several dermatology courses. She currently works in our clinic as a general veterinary surgeon and cares for emergency animals.

Ester Marí

Since 2014, Ester manages the reception of the clinic performing administrative tasks as well as billing, human resources and clinic management issues. She is also an ATV.

Álvaro C. Galán

Behind the clinic's counter and on the other side of the phone, we meet Álvaro, who is in charge of customer service, appointment management and advising clients on the clinic's sales products.

Alba Cardona

Alba is a veterinary auxiliary and combines her work with caring for boarders, hospitalisations, assisting in the operating theatre, laboratory work and helping the veterinarians in the treatment of patients in the consulting room.

Pilar Pérez

Pilar is a veterinary surgeon who studied at the University of Santiago de Compostela to later specialise at the Autonomous University of Barcelona. Equine sports medicine and the treatment of small animals are her specialities.

Gemma Soto

Gemma is one of our senior vets. Gemma is one of the operating room managers at our center, a job she does with passion and a drive for continuous improvement. Gemma is also a specialist in equine medicine dealing with the care and attention of the horses on our island.

Reyes Casado

Reyes is a veterinary technical assistant. She is one of the most experienced assistants in our center performing internal medicine and operating room tasks. Reyes is passionate about outdoor activities and agility with her dogs. Whenever she can she travels to the peninsula to participate in sports and training activities.

Cristina Casanueva

Cristina is a veterinary technical assistant. In our center Cristina divides her activity between attending internees and the work of an operating room assistant. Cristina is a great animal lover and collaborates in many activities to help the homeless and improve their quality of life.