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Preventive vaccination plan for dogs:

• Annual physical examination: This is a systematic and detailed revision of the dog. During the exam, questions regarding weight, feeding, behavior or any other doubt should be asked to the veterinary.

• Leishmania and microfiliariasis blood test: Leishmania and filaria are two diseases transmitted via mosquito. They have a broad presence in Ibiza. We recommend an annual serological test for early detection.

• Vaccination: We divide vaccination into two groups; CORE (recommended to all dogs) and NON CORE (recommended to some dogs depending on life risk).

1. CORE Vaccines:

    1. Canine distemper, hepatitis, leptospira and parvovirus. For puppies, starting the 6th week, with 2 or 3 boosters for the first year, and then an annual re-vaccination.
    2. Rabies: Mandatory in Balearic Islands for dogs older than 3 months.

2. NON CORE Vaccines:

    1. Kennel cough: recommended for dogs staying in shelters or those who visit exhibitions, trainings, …
    2. Canine Herpesvirus: For kennel bitches with viral abortions
    3. Piroplasmosis and Lyme: Low risk in Ibiza. Only recommended for those dogs traveling to other risk areas.
    4. Heartworm disease: Technically, this is not a vaccine. However, it is considered an effective annual protection for dogs in high risk areas.

• Microchip: It is mandatory for dogs older than 3 months in Spain since 1990. It is a guarantee in case of loss due to the contact information from the owner available on the microchip.

• Internal and external parasite prevention: Fleas and ticks are commonly found in our area. They cause discomfort as well as risk of disease in both dogs and humans. We recommend the monthly use of external anti-parasite programs, preferably spot-on pipettes due to comfort and security on application. The existence of internal parasites (worms) in dogs should be controlled with deworming pills 3 or 4 times a year.