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Annual physical examination: This is a systematic and detailed revision of the cat. During the exam, questions regarding weight, feeding, behavior or any other doubt should be asked to the veterinary.

Leukaemia (FeLV) and immunodeficiency (FIV) tests: Recommended to all recently adopted ones that have been in contact with wild life or outdoor cats. For cats involved in street fights, test should be taken six months later. For animals at risk test should be taken once a year.


    1. Feline rinotraqueitis, calicivirosis and panleukopenia: recommended for all cats. Administration starts at 8th week, then 2 boosters and yearly re-vaccination.
    2. Feline leukaemia: Recommended for outdoor cats or those in contact with wildlife cats. Administration starts at 12th week, one booster and annual re-vaccination. Not needed for indoor cats.
    3. Rabies: Not mandatory in Spain. Only needed to travel abroad.

Microchip identification: This is not mandatory but recommended. It helps in case of loss due to the contact information stored in the microchip.

Internal and external parasite prevention: Fleas and ticks are commonly found in our area. They cause discomfort as well as risk of disease in both cats and humans. We recommend the monthly use of external anti-parasite programs, preferably spot-on pipettes due to comfort and security on application. The existence of internal parasites (worms) in cats should be controlled with deworming pills 3 or 4 times a year.